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Mac and Pc Repairs


Computer Services for Macintosh and PC computers in New York City and surrounding areas:

We provide services throughout the city, we are based in Washington Heights / Inwood area:

Beware of the "Crypto", WannaCry and Petya/NotPetya Ransomware.

Dont fall prey to telephone solicitors who say your computer is infected and will be glad to clean it for you , DO NOT give them access to your computer via remote connection.

PRICE COMPARISON of other places

All Laptop Repairs/MacBook Air: Broken or cracked screens, repaired!

Upgrades and Repairs: High Sierra and prior, Windows 10 and prior, Server 20012-'08. System memory, WiFi, WLAN, LAN enhance gaming with a new video card, Install SSHD SSD, utilise larger capacity hard drives, software/hardware RAID solutions.

Protection: Virus, spyware, and malware removal. We are very good at this, we don't wipe your hard drive and leave you without your data. A good cleaning takes at least a FULL day sometimes two. If your infected with Ransomware you've most likely lost your data, so backup before it's too late!

Data Recovery: Lost/deleted/formated HDD: files recovered at low cost!
Why pay thousands of dollars for data recovery if you don't have too! OSX and Windows_all flavors.

Setup for: Printers, Scanners, Cameras, PDA and other devices

Internet and Networking installations and repairs: Cable, DSL, Switches and Routers.

Browser help for: Internet Explorer, Netscape (both no longer supported in OSX) Firefox, Opera, Amaya, Chrome and Safari.

Wireless: Install access points, router setup and configuration.

E-mail: account configurations.

Training: use your computer more effectively

Digital Images and DVDs: edit images, copy onto DVDs or CDs

Advice: regarding Operating Systems, Software, error messages, Networking.




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Robert DiIorio, sole proprietor
NYC, NY 10033

#165 on intercom to enter