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When a computer is working, we take it for granted. When it stops working, it is like the end of the world...

Computers misbehave because just like cars and our bodies, age and use affects functioning and speed.

First you ask your IT savvy friends to help with your computer and hopefully it gets fixed.
If not, you take it to a repair center and they tell you what is possible or not and the cost...

Finally in desperation you call us and this is what happens:

"Robert is like one of those trusted local auto mechanics who can assess the problem and fix it with the best pricing and service of any computer tech I've dealt with. Next time the people who sell you a machinetry and get you to buy into their service and coverage plan, politely decline and should it stop working, bring ti to MacandPCrepars, you'll be glad you did"
Brad Abraham, New York, NY

We have had clients say Apple recommended to contact us for service of their older machines which Apple considered "obsolete" and unfixable.

We have have been in business since 2001 and will tell you if a new computer is a better alternative to repair or upgrades.



The same day to longer for DATA recovery. If specific parts have to be ordered, it can take over a week.


Tell you what is wrong over the phone and guide you to repair over the phone - we have not idea what is the cause nor do we know your computer! Just like the doctor needs to see the patient and the car mechanic the car, we need to look at your computer.
Basically, what you see on your screen is only the symptoms, the root cause needs to be discovered.


Call and set up appointment, or we will come to your location or home (small travel fee)
Diagnosis is for FREE for the first 25 minutes.
Our Service fees are very reasonable, see our Fees section.

We provide High quality services and weekend services for emergencies.

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