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We service both PCS and MACS

High Standards of Service, Affordable prices:
If you have taken a computer in for repairs elsewhere you know how it goes, a charge here and a charge there, it all adds up!

We will tell you if a new computer is a better alternative to repairs or upgrades.

We provide quality service and are here for you, if necessary we can help with emergencies at weekends or evenings

What Some Clients say:

A computer is like a car; when it works you don't think anything of it. When it doesn't it's like the end of the world.  Fortunately, Robert is like one of those trusted local auto mechanics who can quickly assess the problem and fix it with the best pricing and service of any computer tech I've dealt with.  Next time the people who sell you a machine try and get you to buy into their service and coverage plan, politely decline and should it stop working, bring it to Macandpcrepairs, You'll be glad you did.
Brad Abraham New York, NY

“My PC crashed completely, and Gateway told me I had lost all my files. However, Robert went out of his way and somehow miraculously saved everything. Then he came over and helped me set up my new computer. I can't begin to know how to thank him” Jordan

I bought my IBM G560 laptop to Staples to fix the screen which cracked when i dropped my cell phone on it for a $600 charge, "Macandpcrepairs" fixed it within 3 days and it cost only 200.00, TOTAL! - Tamar Gold, nyc

I had a built to order desktop for gaming and lost all video display, I bought it to Staples and after they had it for a week, they called and said they couldn't do anything , Macandpcrepairs fixed it in 1 day and the price was very reasonable too! - Nathan Oesterle, nyc

“Thank you for the fantastic repair job you performed on my computer. When my hard drive gave out last week, you were quickly and professionally on the scene. I was facing a client's deadline the next day, but within a few hours you had me back up and running, as you usually do. I was able to meet the deadline, the client was overjoyed and the website is a big success.
I am tremendously impressed that in addition to replacing a bad hard drive, you were able to improve the computer's performance so greatly. I heartily recommend you to anyone needing computer repair. You are generous with your time and spare no effort in resolving a critical problem. You're the best! ” Marilyn F.Doyle, Software Consultant/Web Designer- Snowball Software, nyc

“Robert is knowledgeable, deft and helpful in ways beyond what you might expect. He has rescued me more times than I can count, and taught me much about my programs that I would otherwise not have known” RH, clay artist, nyc

“When I wanted a computer built he was honest enough to tell me for my needs, I can purchase one for less and helped me with the purchase” JQ, store manager

“Hi Robert. The laptop has been working great ... thanks for the follow-up ... I've been meaning to call you to tell you.Thank you so much for all your work on it.” Gena C, nyc
p.s. I downloaded and have been using Firefox as you suggested

“Within our budget, helped us find a computer, upgraded it to a super fast machine and taught us maintenance” N.Patel, accountant, Luxembourg EU

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