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Realistically, it is not possible to quote exact prices beforehand without finding out what specifically needs to be done. Often it is a series of malfunctions that has finally resulted in your computer no longer being efficient. Just like cars, computers require maintenance and do have wear and tear with use and some people experience seemingly "inherent" defects for that specific model.

But this is what you will save:

The Initial assessment or diagnostics fee, charged by in-store repair places is usually $60 and up, for laptops it is usually twice that and even higher. Usually with a "No Refund" of the initial consultation fee even when you've determined it's too costly to continue with a fix. We do this for free.

In-store individual diagnostic, software or hardware installation, and data backup costs add up to being one large total charge.

Just a one-time data backup/transfer in some places is $60 for the first 4 gigabytes of data transfer, $50 for each additional 4 GB! That gets to be pretty expensive considering 100GB+ drives are common place today. We charge one flat fee.

Other firms charges for basic data recovery of accidentally deleted files at $259 and advanced recovery of data from hard drives can be anywhere from $400 to over $5000. You will find our prices are less for the same work! Plus if no data is recoverable, we charge nothing. Other retail outlets charge you even if no data is recovered.

When you go to a retail chain, your costs pay for the rents, all employees salaries and every other operating expense of doing business, why do that?

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